It is the mission of the company

  • To install state of the art machinery and to acquire efficient process and technology to achieve maximum growth in a competitive quality environment.
  • To make strenuous efforts to enhance profitability of the company ensure a fair return to the shareholders, employees of the company and economy of the country.
  • To exercise in maximum care for improvement of quality of our products by employing a team of highly skilled technicians and professional management.
  • To strive hard to capture exiting and explore new markets for our products.
  • To improve customer satisfaction level by strict adherence to quality requirements for our customers and by improving communications with customers through prompt feedback.
  • To attend to the prompt resolution of customers complaints by taking timely corrective measures to redress the quality complaints.
  • To strictly monitor dispatch program of the customer and issue all shipments/ delivery documents well in time.
  • To make comprehensive arrangements for the training of our workers/technicians.
  • To promote teamwork, sense of transparency, competence and creativity in our employees.

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