Elahi Group established its first spinning facility in 1987 in the name of TAJ Textile Mills Limited (TTML). This first unit of 14,400 spindles, generally known as TAJ I has expanded since and now with the addition of TAJ II in 1993/94 the total spinning capacity has increased to around 40,000 spindles. In terms of plant & equipment TTML has one of the best machinery combination and range.

  • Blow room: Trutzchler (Geremany)
  • Cards: Crosrol MK 4 & Tandem (UK)
  • Combers: Reiter (Switzerland)
  • Draw Frames: Toyoda (Japan)
  • Simplex: Toyoda (Japan)
  • Ring Frames: Toyoda (Japan)
  • Auto Coners: Murata ( Japan )

Over the years TTML has successfully established its brand name TAJ in the quality conscious local and international knitting and weaving industry. The distinct ability to produce one of the widest range of international quality cotton & blending yarns i.e. 10/s to 40/s has helped TTML create a niche market in the knitting as well as in weaving industries in the West and in East. TTML has one of the best equipped laboratory and quality control equipment, which ensures quality and in turn customers faith in TTML products.

At present TTML is concentrating more in local markets and it is one of the leading suppliers of quality yarn to Pakistan 's growing high-end knitting industry.

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